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Inspection and testing

abc Electrical carry out a lot of electrical inspection and testing, here are some photos and stories

On this page are some items that we have came across over recent times.

Photo of aincient cast iron main isolator with asbestos innards (not touched)
Photo of aincent fuse box with fused neutrals

These photos are of a really OLD install (before 1960 approx)

These have asbestos lined fused carriers (where the fuse wire passes) as well as fused neutrals. Only the LIVE should be fused as when something blows in a system like the one above the lights or sockets with the fault will go out but the install will still be LIVE.

This is still in use as the client decided that as most of it still worked she did not want any remedial works- she still had old ROUND PIN sockets in use.

This is particularly dangerous and the client was told so.

The blue (neutral) connection on this socket had been burning up.

This is mainly due to poor workmanship (not tightening the connections)

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