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Scottish Government video letting everyone know about the legal requirement for smoke detector provision in dwellings.

This is a requirement for all landlords since 2015 or so and for private properties from February 2022.

There is a mistake in the video----

The ad shows a smoke alarm on a beam- smoke alarms should be installed on the highest part of the ceiling and NOT on beams (not to BS 5839 part 6)

Aico information video

abc Electrical are proud to install Aico smoke and heat alarms.

We have installed hundreds (if not thousands) of Aico smoke alarms and NEVER had a failure of an Aico alarm due to a product defect.

We have had Aico alarms fail for the following reasons:

  • Roof leak on a mains detector (unit kept going off to alert something was wrong), leak fixed unit replaced

  • Roof leak on a battery unit -again the unit alarmed to alert something was wrong

  • Tenant beat it to death with a brush after he burnt the toast (did not know / care about the LARGE hush button)

We also provide BS 5839 Part 6 smoke detector provision for alarms we install (included in the cost)

This could provide useful for future reference

Does YOUR installer provide you with smoke detector certificates?

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